Who am I ? Psychologist

I graduated as a clinical psychologist at the University of Turin, having previously completed a three-year degree in Brussels at the Université Libre de Bruxelles and a master’s degree in public and social communication in London at the London School of Economics and Political Science.

In January 2022, I enrolled in the Gestalt psychotherapy school at the International Institute of Psychopathology and Gestalt Psychotherapy of Turin.

Having lived and worked most of my life abroad, I’ve had volunteer and work experiences both in different cultural realities and fields. I’ve worked in the mental health sector with minors and adults, in the educational field to support children’s development and parenthood as well as in the field of socio-cultural integration and promotion of community participation.

In such a complex and difficult society from many points of view, it is not easy to understand what “taking care of yourself” can mean for each of us and especially to understand where to begin doing it.

People that find themselves at the mercy of their emotions, those who find it difficult to extricate themselves in life affairs, those who have problems appreciating and accepting themselves for who they are, those who are afraid of starting romantic relationships, those who find it difficult to combine work with family, and so on… each of us suffers from something of our own and it is often not easy to come to terms with ourselves and feel we can share our way of being with someone who can accept it.

And it is precisely for these reasons that I’m available to create together a space that is yours, in which you can begin to experience the power of the words in a welcoming and non-judgmental atmosphere. I therefore am willing to start this journey together in search of yourselves, a journey that we will decide together how it will continue.


• Daily difficulties;
• Self-esteem and self-efficacy issues;
• Management of interpersonal conflicts;
• Management of anxiety and stress;
• School difficulties;
• Relational difficulties;
• Emotional and mood difficulties;
• Parenthood support.


• Clinical interview;
• Psychological counseling;
• Psycho-education.

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