Who am I ? Gestalt therapist

I’m 47 years old, I’m married and the father of two children.

Creative artist, pedagogue in Higher Art Schools and Gestalt Therapist.

I see life as a paved road, which we build little by little, as we go along. Each of these cobblestones, added and placed side by side, form the journey of a lifetime.

I believe in the depth of human encounters. Each of these makes their protagonists richer in experience. Alexandre Tissot

After having worked for more than 15 years in the field of performing arts, I naturally moved to transmitting this experience to young artists.

From this educational aspect came the need to better understand my own functioning.

My discovery of the Gestalt is made of different encounters which, little by little, have built an evidence.

The diverse and the plural interests punctuating my career then took on a unique form.

I trained at the Belgian Institute of Gestalt therapy in Brussels. These formative years have clarified in me the desire to help and support.

I continue to carry out these different activities which, I am convinced, are only different expressions of going towards the other.

Why therapy?

Help for: Alexandre Tissot


  • Relationships crisis, separation, divorce,
  • Illness, personal or a loved one.

Relational difficulties:

  •  Whether it is within the family, close entourage or professional; environment.


  • Affective or to certain substances;
  • Toxic habits, vicious circles.

Existential malaise:

  •  Loss of meaning, reference, appetite for life.


  •  Experimenting with new ways of being or behaving.


  • Work overload;
  •  Burn out;
  • Financial problem;
  • Anxiety, anguish.

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